Thursday, April 1, 2010

Posnanski vs. The Iron Sheik vs. Duncan

Joe Posnanski is the best sportswriter in America, and his blog is terrific. Recently, he wrote a fine article in Sports Illustrated about Tim Duncan, my favorite player.

And then the worst sportswriter in America, Dan "CHB" Shaughnessy, the Iron Sheik of sportswriting, wrote a typically dumb response to Posnanski's article (which will not be linked to here, as I do not help CHB get web hits. If you really want to read his crap writing, google it yourself.)

Like the Iron Sheik, Shaughnessy is a sports clown who does his best to rile people up by obnoxiously taunting fans and saying "controversial" things that he doesn't believe to get attention for himself. "Iran Number 1! The Red Sox are evil! Everyone look at me! Your anger only fuels my career!"

And then Posnanski replied on his blog.

So we had my personal perfect storm of sports journalism: my most hated sportswriter and my favorite sportswriter having a debate over my favorite NBA player.

And of course my favorite sportswriter makes way more sense, and comes off as a way better person and writer, and makes the case for my favorite player without sinking to the CHB level of taunts, insults or ridicule.


In putting this post together, I noticed that there is actually a blog that tracks all of CHB's garbage. If you must read anything by Shaughnessy, at least get it through that site, and avoid giving web hits to the Iron Sheik.

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