Thursday, May 20, 2010


Possibly one of the most famous plays from this seasons Paraguayan First Division soccer season:

The shooter's a Brazilian who goes by one name: Inca. It's like he ripped the heart out of that goalie and showed it to him while it was still beating. Baddass.

More Drunk History

Here's probably the best Drunk History video, with an all-star cast reenacting the story of Frederick Douglass: Don Cheadle as Douglass, Will Ferrell as Abe Lincoln and Zooey Deschanel as Mary Todd Lincoln.

Watch the drunk history of Frederick Douglass.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drunk History

Like most things, history is better when it involves alcohol. Now, at last, history is being recounted like never before: by drunk people, on video.

There is a series of hilarious Drunk History videos on the inter web now, some featuring famous actors like Jack Black. The first features Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is today the day to achieve all the goalsets?

120 Minutes archive

For 17 years and 585 episodes, the MTV show 120 Minutes offered "alternative rock" videos. Might be hard to believe now, but this program helped turn bands like Nirvana into stars.

There's an archive that lists playlists for virtually every episode, complete with links to the videos. So you can recreate your own episode of Alternative Rock video glory, even without the chunky bald guy who hosted the show for a while.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fake AP Stylebook

Being in that it can be hard and also difficult as well to write good, the Associated Press stylebook is basically the bible of professional writers. It's the source to turn to to decide, for example, whether to use a numeral or to type out the number in full. (Type out whole numbers from one to nine, use digits for 10 and higher. Also, why AP but no UPI stylebook? Must have been discontinued a few years ago.)

The Fake AP Stylebook is a twitter-based collection of mock "rules" that guides writers through such stumpers as what the plural of Blackberry users is.

Some examples, from a report from October:

* “The plural of Blackberry is ‘Blackberries.’ The plural of Blackberry users is “Dingleberries.’”
* “If you do not have an interviewees’ full title, use their most defining physical trait (e.g. ‘Alan Hayes, fat guy, said…’)”
* “Avoid using the letter ‘G’ as it is unlucky.”

Which is more helpful in everyday life, the real thing or the fake? Is every day one word or two?

Monday, May 3, 2010

6 worst World Cup anthems of all time

The World Cup starts in just over a month, so it's time to get fired up by listening to wretched music!

The Guardian sorted through some of the most horrible music ever created to compile a list of the 6 worst World Cup anthems ever.

Each track comes complete with a ridiculous video and the kind of snarkily funny commentary that the Guardian renowned for, this time from Barry Glendenning.

The list proves that mixing sports and music is a great idea that will never produce no-talent acts trying to cash in by cranking out awful music and famous athletes humiliating themselves in videos.

Edit: apparently there must be an addition to the list, as Shakira's new World Cup song is getting serious mockage around the world, and might even be dropped.

Hard to see why, with such compelling lyrics as "when you fall down get up, eh, eh, if you fall down get up, eh, eh." Also, its title is "Wake Waka," but for some reason it's NOT about Fozzie Bear.

Online comment sections are the worst things in the world

PC World has compiled a slideshow that illustrates the 14 types of annoying internet commenters, called the Jerks of Online Forums.

From the "First" Guy to the Sermonator, to the Antagonizer, they're all there in their all-caps idiotic glory, captured by Mike Reed's spot-on illustrations. Reed first became known as the creator of Flame Warriors, the complete illustrated guide to every type of irritating dink on the internet.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Workers Do Not Understand Your Modern Art

Foreign Policy has a slideshow of the worst statues in the world.

They're all huge and ugly, but they're also all state-created, usually for propaganda purposes, in attempts to glorify a political leader.

Looks like most of them backfired.