Monday, May 3, 2010

6 worst World Cup anthems of all time

The World Cup starts in just over a month, so it's time to get fired up by listening to wretched music!

The Guardian sorted through some of the most horrible music ever created to compile a list of the 6 worst World Cup anthems ever.

Each track comes complete with a ridiculous video and the kind of snarkily funny commentary that the Guardian renowned for, this time from Barry Glendenning.

The list proves that mixing sports and music is a great idea that will never produce no-talent acts trying to cash in by cranking out awful music and famous athletes humiliating themselves in videos.

Edit: apparently there must be an addition to the list, as Shakira's new World Cup song is getting serious mockage around the world, and might even be dropped.

Hard to see why, with such compelling lyrics as "when you fall down get up, eh, eh, if you fall down get up, eh, eh." Also, its title is "Wake Waka," but for some reason it's NOT about Fozzie Bear.

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