Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Horror


Wonkette has some hilarious coverage of Glenn Beck's Jesus Is Taking Over America Festival from this past weekend.

Wonkette even spotted Courtney Love's grandma doing TV interviews there:

Too bad for the Teabaggers that celebrity-for-no-reason Somebody Hilton got busted with cocaine this weekend, completely overshadowing their attempt to install an American theocracy. The kind of people they need to win over care way more about celebrity news than they do about Weepy McDemagogue's attempt to keep rewriting history by co-opting MLK.

At least he and Sarah Paylin got to really rile up their dimwitted supporters and got a nice payday out of it. Remember, the brown people have STOLEN America and to get it back we have to all buy gold from our hero Glenn Beck.

Christopher Hitchens has a really interesting take
on the whole Beck Blubberfest, pointing out the whole pathetic self-pity that's at the heart of the Teabaggers.

A key quote: "In a rather curious and confused way, some white people are starting almost to think like a minority, even like a persecuted one. What does it take to believe that Christianity is an endangered religion in America or that the name of Jesus is insufficiently spoken or appreciated? Who wakes up believing that there is no appreciation for our veterans and our armed forces and that without a noisy speech from Sarah Palin, their sacrifice would be scorned? It's not unfair to say that such grievances are purely and simply imaginary, which in turn leads one to ask what the real ones can be. The clue, surely, is furnished by the remainder of the speeches, which deny racial feeling so monotonously and vehemently as to draw attention."

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