Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glenn Beck vs. Dinosaur Comics

Awesome webcomic vs. not-in-any-way-awesome, possibly one of the worst people in the world, crybaby right-wing Fox News pundit: who is better?

Ryan North, the guy who writes the great Dinosaur Comics, has collaborated on a new book of short stories and illustrations about people who find out in advance from a machine how they are going to die. The book sounds cool and it is called "The Machine of Death."

The book debuted at #1 on the other day. Which apparently hosed-off the humongous ego of crybaby Beck, who then humorlessly, paranoically and cluelessly used his TV show for morons to attack Machine of Death, and also Keith Richards, for daring to outsell him on his rightful day of being the #1 ranked author for stupid people.

From, the home of Dinosaur Comics:
"The Machine of Death story keeps getting weirder / more awesome. American conservative talky guy Glenn Beck called us out on his show yesterday because it turned out that his book also had its official release date on October 26th, and he was upset that it was in third place to Keith Richard's new autobio "Life" and our little book. He told his listeners that he'd worked on his book for over a year, and that his books always debut at #1, and that we (along with Keith) were part of a left-wing "culture of death" that "celebrates the things that have destroyed us" and that everyone should support life by buying his book instead of ours?
It's basically amazing."

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