Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The only twit worth reading

Apparently, Twitter is still around. Old people are still discovering it, and slightly less old people are still figuring out that it's pretty pointless. But there is one man who makes it worth occasionally checking out, one voice from the past reborn via this rather useless new medium, that of the first man to ever be photographed while flipping the bird, Old Hoss Radbourn.

Old Hoss Radbourn was a famous baseball pitcher in the 1880's, and he died over 110 years ago. But that isn't stopping him from posting silly and amusing updates to Twitter.

Old Hoss puts out the twits on popular topics of the day, but in his classic 19th-century-ballplayer voice. Sample twit, on spring training: "Just talked to Cobb. He loved spring training. Worked on his spiking skills, often by sliding into waiters. Made dining out awkward." On Olympic hockey: "Land alive. This "hockey" is marvelous! It is a shame that, like "Super G," it is only played once every four years."

It's good to see someone that can make twitter interesting, rather than just posting the equivalent of "I have a ham radio!"

Old Hoss says Twit this:

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