Friday, February 5, 2010

Steve Sabol: Mr. NFL Films, and an artist.

The Best Sportswriter in America recently had a great post about Steve Sabol, the guy who runs NFL Films.

Posnanski really captures the greatness of the old NFL films pieces, from the Voice of God narration to the wrought writing to the inspiring music. It really made football seem great, and it's probably a big part of why I liked the NFL way more in the 1970s than I do now.

But I was stunned to see that Sabol isn't just a football guy, he's an artist. A football themed artist, actually. His stuff is cool, it's a jumble of advertising imagery and old time football, with NFL-Films-style titles like "Every Moment Is Another Chance," and "Shula Unbeaten."

In fact, I think that the classic NFL Films music should be playing whenever you look at Sabol's art. That would be the perfect football/advertising/art multimedia experience.

Long live 65 Toss Power Trap!

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