Monday, June 7, 2010

Name Of the Year

The Name of the Year blog highlights funny, odd, and unusual names of people that appear in the media-- frequently athletes-- then pairs them off in a bracket, March Madness style, to determine the Name of the Year.

The name of the Year for 2010 has just been announced: Australian Rules football player Steele Sidebottom.

This is somewhat of a disappointment, because even though Steele Sidebottom is a faintly amusing name, apparent ballot-box stuffing by Australian football fans did in some (IMO) superior candidates. In the finals, Sidebottom defeated Cameroon soccer player Banana Yaya, who had surprisingly defeated college track and field competitor Nohjay Nimpson in the semifinals.

Congratulations to Sidebottom on winning the award though.

Not to be missed: the blog's archive features a complete list of all the Names of the Year, going back to the contest's beginning in 1983.

Most recent winners:
2010 Nohjay Nimpson (NOTY High Committee)
Steele Sidebottom (The People)
2009 Juvyline Cubangbang (NOTY High Committee)
Barkevious Mingo (The People)
2008 Destiny Frankenstein (NOTY High Committee)
Spaceman Africa (The People)
2007 Vanilla Dong (NOTY High Committee and The People)
2006 Princess Nocandy
2005 Tanqueray Beavers
2004 Jerome Fruithandler
2003 Jew Don Boney Jr.

Steele Sidebottom is a nice name, but it's no Jerome Fruithandler or Barkevious Mingo.

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