Friday, June 25, 2010

What is your Brazilian soccer player name?

The World Cup is vuvuzelaing loudly everywhere on earth, and Brazil is of course one of the favorites. So it's a good time to consider the important question of what would be your name if you were a Brazilian soccer player?

According to the Brazil Name generator, Barack Obama would be Obamiano.
For some reason, NBA first draft pick John Wall would be called Winhosa. Dustin Pedroia would be called Pedroiisca. Going through the list of the most popular searches on the internet:
Kim Kardashian would be called Kisco.
Kellie Pickler would be Kelliisco.
Jennifer Aniston would be Anistao.
Lady Gaga would be called Lando.
Miley Cyrus would be called Milildo.
Stanley McChrystal would be Stanlao.

If Brazilian soccer legend Edison Arantes, also known as Pele, were a Brazilian soccer player, his name would be Edisa. Wait, no, I think something's wrong there. Anyway, it's still fun to be Brazilian.

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