Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Andre the Giant: Dead Wrestler of the Week

Deadspin.com has a nice article about the wrestling (and acting) (and drinking) legend Andre the Giant.

He was listed at 7'4", but who knows how tall he really was. Here is towering over Gorilla Monsoon, who was a huge man. (for some reason they box each other in this video, rather than wrestle)

I remember watching him wrestle in Montreal's Grand Prix Wrestling, under the name The Giant Jean Ferre, feuding with Don Leo Jonathan, when I was a little kid. He was massive and awesome and larger than life in every way. I didn't know then what a drinker he was, which only makes him seem even larger.

119 beers in six hours?? He might just be the greatest drinker of all time.

The Giant was one of a kind, and should never be forgotten, by his posse or by the rest of us. And even now he can still teach us about the controversial health care debate.

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