Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So many Oscar night bingo cards

Oscar time, already?

One way to make the Hollywood self-congratulation festival more enjoyable, beyond the obligatory drinking and snarky comments, is to make a game out of the whole celebrity award show thing.

The traditional Oscars game is to make predictions on the winners and keep score, but since apparently some guy in one of this year's 74 Best Picture-nominated films said "That's a Bingo," several websites are offering Oscar Night Bingo cards, where you can score points for events like speech-makers with bad accents, or close-ups of uncomfortable-looking award-losers in the crowd.

The official Oscars site offers 9 different bingo cards, though without much snark or cattiness.

The How About Orange blog offers a pdf of 12 different bingo cards, if you're really going to be watching with 11 other people.

The Reelzchannel presents four different Oscar night bingo cards.

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