Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bill Lee: winning pitcher, aged 63

On Sunday, former Red Sox pitcher Bill "spaceman" Lee pitched for the local minor league team the Brockton Rox, and was the winning pitcher, allowing only 2 runs in 5 1/3 innings.

Lee also batted, but grounded out.

Bill Lee quote from the article: “I think about the cosmic snowball theory. A few million years from now the sun will burn out and lose its gravitational pull. The earth will turn into a giant snowball and be hurled through space. When that happens it won’t matter if I get this guy out.”

Lee has always been entertaining, and maybe the Red Sox should bring him back to pitch a few innings this season, now that they've been basically eliminated from the pennant race. Oh wait, no, major league baseball takes itself way too seriously to ever allow something just for silly fun like that.

Key line from the article: "Afterward, Lee repaired to nearby Mulligan’s bar for a four-hour session of autographs, storytelling and beer drinking."

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